Many of us have listened to Simon Sinek’s famous TedTalk about his bestselling book, “Start with Why“. If not, I encourage you to check either one out.

The basic premise is that we need to START with the why and not the what or how.

Not “I want to get healthy.” Rather, “I want to be healthy so I can…or so that…” Make sense?

This may seemed nuanced, but when it comes to how LONG a true health and wellness journey actually is (hint: doesn’t end until you die)…getting the “why” part of the equation down is going to something you are going to want to do.

If you are struggling as a member of Total Body Reboot to create powerful whys for yourself, or you are in general finding it hard to stay consistent with the healthy habits and behaviors you know you need to be doing but aren’t, you are in luck!

In just over 20 minutes, Zach shares the exact question you need to ask yourself in order to create powerful whys that WORK. If you have struggled with finding your “why” in the health and wellness game, this is the episode for you!

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