This is a conversation that you will NOT hear anywhere else. A primary care physician and a health coach…true friends! As crazy as it sounds, so often in today’s medical and health care environment, these two professions do not meet, get along, or even share many of the same beliefs.

However, in this case, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Dr. Amy Mechley, a primary care physician of over 20 years comes on the podcast with vast experience, knowledge, and loads of scientifically based evidence on the power of prevention, real food, and common sense holistic health practices that is nothing short of cutting edge in a world that too often leans towards pills and surgeries for it’s solutions.

This is a conversation that aims to bring to light what is REALLY going on with America’s health care crisis and to share/swap insights, stories, ideas, questions, and solutions that you will NOT HEAR anywhere else on answering one of the most important questions of our modern times, “how do we make the necessary SHIFTS in order to save America’s health from the onslaught of preventable chronic diet and lifestyle disease where 75% of our costs come from!”

You don’t want to miss this 4-part special!

In about 12 minutes, hear Zach and Dr. Amy Mechley continue this VITAl conversation around our health care crisis and our role in the future of America’s health!

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