Just be grateful! Do it. It’s so easy says “the gram” and “the Facebooks.”

Yes, it’s hard not to see the surge that “practicing gratitude” has made over the past few years if you follow any number of internet personalities in the holistic health, personal development, or spiritual space.

As frequent as this advice is given and shows up in our feeds these days however, it’s so easy to dismiss, especially when we don’t feel like we have anything at all to be grateful for at the moment!

But, just how important is gratitude in our daily lives? How important is it for having lasting health and happiness?

In just over 15 minutes, hear Zach’s take on gratitude and why it is probably a very good idea for you to evaluate where your relationship is at with gratitude. Whether we like it or not, EVERYONE has a relationship with gratitude and in today’s episode Zach gives you some powerful insights and questions to ask yourself to help you evaluate where yours is at! Plus, you aren’t going to want to miss this episode’s first bite, especially those who sometimes feel they have very little to be grateful for right now while going through truly hard times.

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