I know, I know. Mornings suck! You “aren’t a morning person.” You hit your alarm five times or you have to get up right away and start serving the kids and help get them going. Life ain’t easy!

I hear you. I empathize (sometimes).

BUT. What if there was another way.

What if mornings are actually AWESOME?!

What if YOU TOO, could have a morning routine that charges you up, focuses you, and sets your day off in an entirely different and more positive direction?

Newsflash! You can!

In just over 17 minutes, Zach shares his thoughts, experience, and advice on the critical importance of having a morning routine. He shares why you should have one, some powerful ideas for what you can have in your routine, and exactly how to get started so that you can actually make this work for you no matter where you are at along your health journey!

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