Are you currently trying to build muscle in the gym? Have you been you trying to add lean muscle tissue unsuccessfully? Does it feel like you are spinning your wheels when it comes to actually “transforming” your body from using resistance training?

HINT: Your training and recovery timing are likely off!

This episode is absolutely perfect for you so you can make sure you aren’t wasting your time in the gym. Today’s guest, Dr. Tom Billela will teach you how to best train and how long to rest for each body part as he shares so many AWESOME INSIGHTS along the way.

In just over 16 minutes, Dr. Tom Bilella shares with us his EXACT training regimen he uses that prevents overtraining and keep the results coming. As a former natural bodybuilder, Dr. Tom, now in his 50s, still uses these TRIED and TREU principles for himself and his clients.

Dr. Tom is considered a leader in the fields of Metabolic Nutrition and Functional Medicine. He is regarded as an expert in the areas of weight loss, fatigue, metabolic syndrome and sports nutrition. He’s treated over 90,000 clients throughout his 26-year old career and currently also runs the Legends Club Mentorship Program.

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