Inflammation. What is it? Essentially, it is when the body breaking down faster than it is building up. If you want to ever have a chance of “aging gracefully,” you are going to want to learn more about this basic health topic.

Things like emotional, physical, and chemical stressors can wreak havoc on our hormonal, digestive, and immune systems, and clog up things like our detoxification pathways–all of which are necessary to keep us feeling (and looking!) good now and into the future.

Unlike a car, when it hits “E,” it stops running. Yet, for us, we don’t stop. Our body actually starts to break itself down in order to get things under control and remains functioning! Pretty cool in the short term. However, over time, if we have been unbalanced in this process for years (or even decades), our health is without a doubt going to be suffering in numerable ways.

In fact, about 75% percent of US health care costs come from chronic, largely preventable diseases, and inflammation is linked to just about every one of them. Thus, odds are that if you are sick in any way right now, you need to understand inflammation better.

Fortunately, Dr. Justin Marchegiani, a functional medicine practitioner based out of Austin, TX and the host of the Beyond Wellness Radio Podcast has your back! Dr. Justin’s mission is supporting the underlying imbalances with goal of promoting wellness for his patients and we are so lucky to have him on this episode.

In just 15 minutes, Dr. Justin gives us a really great understanding of what inflammation is, where it comes from, why we need to be aware of it, and how we can begin to heal ourselves if  we have been dealing with moderate to high levels of inflammation for quite some time.

This is one of those “health fundamentals” episodes that WE ALL can benefit from listening to. Thanks so much to Dr. Justin for coming on and best of luck on all of your future endeavors.

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