Currently, over 50% of US adults are using or have used in the recent past wellness technology (such as wearables) that track everything from the steps you take, the calories and nutrients you eat, to the quality of sleep you get each night.

There are those that believe technology is to partially to blame for our lack of activity, endless distractions, and disconnections from the behaviors and habits that we need in order to stay healthy as human beings.

Josh Trent, creator of and host of the Wellness Force Radio Podcast begs to differ. Josh has a vision for empowering greater wellness in over one million lives through the channels of technology and emotion that help men and women live life well + enjoy the process.

In just around 11 minutes, he convincingly makes the argument that when used and thought about correctly, technology can be masterfully leveraged to, in fact, restore the vital connections most of us are missing to our health and well-being in order to achieve whatever goals we may have.

As a coach myself, and one who in the past has not used things like “wearable tech” with my clients with any real consistency, this was an eye-opening and thought provoking conversation. Thanks so much to Josh for coming on and best of luck on your continued mission to keep changing lives through the channels of technology and emotion; you rock!

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