Do you find yourself feeling lonely or isolated? You are not alone! (pun intended)

Research confirms that we are facing an epidemic of social isolation in our modern world, despite feeling “more connected” than ever before with technology, and despite being around other people often throughout our day.

When we contrast our current environment against when we were “socially isolated” in the past, we find that our immune system similarly¬†increases inflammation in our body as a way to better be prepared to handle things like an acute wound. Even though our body has our best interest at heart with this phenomenon, over time, it can actually accelerate the disease process.

The implications of this are massive because it means that we must seek out genuine connections with other human beings in order to obtain and maintain optimal health.

In just 13 minutes, you’ll hear today’s guest, Christopher Kelly of NourishBalanceThrive, explain this concept in a fascinating way and inspire us to deal proactively with our loneliness.

P.S. He has a British accent that I think you’ll love… ūüėČ

Thanks so much Chris for shedding like on this important, and cutting edge topic!

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