Ever feel like when you are flustered or stressed, good decision making goes out the window? What if you learned exactly how to bring voluntary control over our “automatic” physiological responses so that we can activate the “logical” part of our brain and make better decisions in times where we might typically “fall of the wagon.”

Put another way, we are talking about the science of self-discipline, however, this is not the “working out when no one is looking” type discipline, but rather a look at what causes and what dictates our behaviors and our decisions in the moment and how we can gain more control.

Since everything we do has a basis in survival…this exploration is going to help us understand why we do things like grab for the donut, when 99% of the time it’s not the right decision.

This one is INFO-PACKED and a bit “sciency” but with such a sweet FIRST BITE at the end, you are going to want to definitely tune in!

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