Today we are proud to announce a massive shift in the way we serve you. This shift starts with the introduction of the new Rebooted Body All Access membership community.

Since January 2013, we have served thousands of men and women in over 35 countries through our world-class online programs.

While our programs have graduation rates that shatter industry averages, and refund rates that are absurdly low, we are still working to find ways to serve you better.

Our old model was organized around providing one-off programs. You would come to our site, choose which program you wanted to do, and work through it. Then, hopefully, you would move on to the next program.

This model served its purpose, but it had some clear faults.

First, getting (and keeping) a body and life you love is a process. It’s much like putting together a puzzle.

The health and fitness industry wants you to believe that there are two pieces to the puzzle and everyone’s final picture looks the same. Nutrition is one piece and fitness is the other. Click them into place and, like magic, you have a successful picture.

This is obviously not the case.

For most people, there are dozens of puzzle pieces: stress, sleep, core human cravings, sugar addiction, intrinsic motivation, hormones, fitness preferences, food preferences, relationship with food, relationship with body, relationship with Self, toxic beliefs, self-talk, and more. It’s a laundry list.

These are the practical pieces. Nutrition and fitness are very important. But when you watch people attempt to make these changes in the real world you quickly realize that the two-piece-puzzle theory has gross shortcomings.

In our old model at Rebooted Body, we were offering individual pieces of the puzzle. We’d sell you the first piece and then hope that you would invest in the other pieces so we could help you put your picture together.

Why should we continue to sell a single piece of the puzzle and then sit back and hope that you will believe us when we tell you that you need more pieces? And then hope that you actually buy those pieces?

That’s not only inefficient, it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating for you because you feel like you have to buy multiple things. And that you have to buy something new every time we release a new piece of the puzzle.

It’s frustrating for us as coaches because it segments our members. We can only coach people within the section of the puzzle they’ve purchased because they don’t have access to the other pieces.

There are even more reasons why we switched away from the old model. You can listen to the conversation between Zach and I that we published on our podcast if you want the full context.

The bottom line is that starting today, all these issues vanish. Now, your choice is much simpler: to live a #RebootedLife, or not.

The Rebooted Body All Access membership community provides everything you need to be successful:

  • Powerful, guided programs that cover the big pieces.
  • Mini-programs, guides, workbooks, workshops, articles, videos, and audio lessons that cover all the smaller pieces.
  • World-class coaching to make sure everything is individualized and tailored to your needs. And to help you put the pieces together, stay accountable, and overcome obstacles.
  • A like-minded, supportive community of men and women around the world who are living the #RebootedLife alongside you, helping you, supporting you, and elevating you.

With the All Access model, we can focus more of our time and effort on building the tools and resources that are going to make you successful, while coaching you along the way.

So, there’s only one question left to ask…

Are you ready to live a #RebootedLife?

Click here and get started.

Kevin Michael Geary
Founder & CEO


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